the Trofastverg
Scandinavian sword forged by David DelaGardelle of Cedarlore Forge
Forged by swordsmith David DelaGardelle, the Trofastverg is the faithful protector of home, hearth, family, and peace in its windy-cold but warm at heart Northern homeland. Roughly inspired by late Anglo Saxon sword styles. The type is commonly found in many 8th-9th century Scandinavian historical swords in the Peterson Type L category.
The blade is more broad and stout in comparison to its sibling swords of the same time period, making it unique and bold both in presence and in wielding.
The simple but intricate geometric Germanic wood-burnt patterns show home and hearth in the center of the scabbard, surrounded by motifs of the stars in the heavens above. Around it all is the blessings of the undeserved gifted harvest on Earth from Creator of all out of His compassion and grace towards His children who He loves.

Steel type: 1075 high carbon
Fittings: Wrought iron
Grip: curly white Oak
Scabbard: bright sapling walnut
OAL: 30″
Blade length: 24 1/2″
Blade width: 3″