This is my most recent version of my H4 logos. This one is meant to be the top level logo, the one all the others go under (h4games, h4design) etc. like a parent company. Simple lines, Typography that can also be used as an icon, and simple.
H4Games is the name under which I make videogame clips, edit captures, and is also used in the video overlays. I designed it to look like a token that could be used at an arcade since I design video games and was inspired by arcade fun in my designs.
This emblem for a fictional team is one of my video game sports crossovers. Starting life as a sketch I digitized this, fixed many of its flaws, and added lean lines for a professional look. I have had some requests for more and will when more time is available.
Scanner + Illustrator
One of my first logos, I learned to do the spikey outer edges and dots in illustrator for the first time here. It looked like a badge of some sort and got creative. Could be used for the police force of Asgard its so cool! 
I wanted to do glassy effects and make a more common type of logo design. Here I have the shield design along with a glossy effect on the surface for a clean and perfect look. 
This was a pet project of mine. Inspired by working a crappy job and my renewed passion for art. Hope you all like it. Hopefully it's picked up by @riptapparel and you can all geek out along with me! 
Illustrator + Photoshop
So I am calling this one done. Like with every piece before I learned new techniques and added skills to my set. 
For the final version here I added the grass to give it color variety to the background, adjusted the opacity on the shadows and added a bit of color to the finger nails.
I developed everything in the image from scratch. 
My fitting tribute to Sonic, who I grew up with. 
Illustrator + Photoshop + Scanner
One of my concept designs for the H$design brand. This eventually led to the H4Games logo and am glad of where it evolved. 
This was a logo refresh design I made for SLComputers. One for his in store business and one for his cloud service. These were designed with his brand guidelines. 
A little thing I did while learning Calligraphy and Japanese. The real art work was converted into a digital file and I made this. 
Photoshop + Illustrator + Scanner
This is the result of digitizing the logo I drew up a bit ago. Still can't talk about this project but I get the feeling you guys will wanna see it! .
Still needs work with the angles, the lines, adding depth to the jewels, the gradients on the crest, and fine details. Once the project is further along I will work it some more. Also excuse the use of red, I am watching WWE Raw right now!

This is for my game project called "Dogs of War"

Illustrator + Scanner