Sustainable development

This conceptual series raises a few questions about development and if it's sustainable or not . I blended double , triple and (for two shots) Quadruple exposures  to illustrate the contrast (or harmony , depending on your perception) between development and nature .

The U.N.'s definition of Sustainable Development (SD) is : " development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

Needless to say , if you keep up with the news , you'll know that our development as human beings is in no way sustainable . We need to think of the future generations , we need to use resources more efficiently . I never was an environmentalist , but having studied the issues of sustainable development for the last couple of years . I came to the realization that it's vital , unfortunately it's mostly used as a PR (public relation) and green washing tool for many firms ,and this needs to change .

I encourage you to research about this vital issue . There are many NGOs and entities that work and report about SD . I  encourage you to watch the documentaries and lectures by Mattias klum : One of NatGeo's best photographers and videographers . His interviews and lectures can be found on Youtube .

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