Hip-Hop - Rap -spoken Word -Lyric - Ambient
EWOR Is a indie - Hip-Hop & Rap - Spokenword - Poetry artist from Mexico City (Mexico). He has 2 album releases previous this new material. Its style and inspiration goes arround abstract lyrics, urban atmospheres and own philosophy of live. 
He defines with his thoughts as a son of the sun and the moon, the wind carried it on its womb, the earth was his nurse.

This time EWOR comes with his last work called 111-ESPEJOS-PULSAR, as a compilation of his previous concept-projects plus the latest one: PULSAR. this compilation puts together poetry, rap, atmospheres, philosophy and other abstract thougts along this long play album.

We decided to add a visual concept inspired by a minimalist idea, bringing together the experience in a consolidated image that represents all his abstract world.

We took his 2 previous concept albums to resolve the final album art (the front represents the III sign; the ESPEJOS wavy glass texture and the new PULSAR concept inspired by the universe, the cosmos and a lighting vortex.


1. Dot // A Capella.
2. Ciao Secernere // beat: Edgar Mota
3. En Honor a la Virgen del Sol // beat: Ev. Cummings
4. Amrita // beat: Pablo
5. Phantasia // Instrrumental: Kadmiel - Beatbox: Ewor.
6. Null // beat : Carlos Pesina (Pepepe) 7. IMAGO (…thÈrÈ …ternel)
Publicado el 4.8.12

Bajo una licencia de Atribución-No Comercial-Recíproca
[Creative Commons http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.5/mx/]
Producción General por : Ing.Ali Said (Kadmiel) Producción de Album Art por: Bozmer / Concepto de Arte por Ewor.
 Todas las letras y Rappeos por Ewor.