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Is a holistic health start up company located in the heart of Berlin. Through the innovation of new technologies they bring a new concept to corporate health. I have started working for the team on the early stages of the brand and we had a lot of challenges on the way. I will take you on a brief journey of the development from concept to online and offline deliverables. 
First things First
It was necessary to define Humanoo's brand-guidelines.
Here is a summary of our concept idea: 

Background / Problem
Gaps in the health system
Satisfaction of employes
All health areas are not centralised

Target Audience
1. Employees
2. Employers
[ The main clients of Humanoo are classic corporate companies such as Deutche Bank, Bayer, Charitee, Mercedes Benz. The target audience is a wide range of profiles / ages / speciality. Each department in the company received the app through health company events. ] 

Insure employees satisfaction, impacts directly on employers satisfaction due to better performance and productivity. 

Single Message
Humanoo helps you reach your 100% 

Levels / Scale / Exact / Symmetry / Balance / Trustworthy / Approachable
Key colours
Muted / Natural / Light / Clean / Fresh
Goal Driven / Inclusive / “ We “ / Sincere / Approachable
Key images
Human / Diversity / Real People / Hands

Mood board
Humanoo Mobile App.
My role regarding the development of the app had to do participating in the UX and UI of specific parts. Below I'll describe some of the highlights. 

User Experience 
We had a lot of problems regarding the flow and functionality of the app that couldn’t be resolved in house due to lack of processes within the teams (Early stages of a start up can be a big mess, but also a very challenging task!). The management team decided to seek for help to a design agency AJ&Smart. They specify in digital products, and they introduced us to DESIGN SPRINTS. (Process created by Jake Knapp from Google Ventures, if you hadn’t heard of it, please refer to : )  

The Challenge
Sprint Goal: Increase the number of people actively using the product. 

Sprint Questions:
1. Can we make the benefits of using Humanoo regularly, clear? (this one was chosen as our focus)
2. Can we intrinsically incentivise people to come back to the product twice a week? 
3. Can we offer something that users would make part of their daily routine? 
4. Can we help people “ Get Started”? 

The  app was easy to sell to companies who are looking to increase productivity within their organisations. 
The real problem actually lies in convincing employees to use the app on a regular basis. 

So How Might We…
Make user benefits tangible to them? 
Make people understand Humanoo faster? 
Form healthy habits? 
Incentivise people to use the app? 
Motivate people who are indifferent about their health? 

Storyboard Sketches
Common Themes
Making the interface simpler and easier to get started
Providing a curated plan of personalised exercises 
Providing a clear incentive for the user to continue using the app

Sprint Design process was able to help us as a team to focus on the most important issues / improvements that our app needed. With user testing we were able to test on real people that matched the profiles of our users all the design decisions made. We were able to continuously improve based on the feedback of our real users. The information they provided was key to the success of the application.​​​​​​​
UI Design
With the new CI and branding guidelines we were able to give a fresh start to the looks of the app that fits with the concept behind Humanoo. 

Before >> 
After >>
Photography Guidelines
Humanoo app is 90% photography, so we had to adjust the selection of images for each type of content inside the app.
- Muted colours / We were looking to delete all distracting patters, and focus on the subject or action taken by the image we presented. 
- Diversity / We focused on having different types of profiles in the app due to the fact that our users are from 25 year old fitness fans to 55 year old women/men.  We also marked that we not always have to focus in whole character, but we can put focus on hands or action that is taken. 
- Specially in the nutrition section we wanted to have clean angles that show the plates, remarking the circle shape. The circle in the brand guidelines is a reference of the Human as the center. 

Photography Moodboard
Product Website & Web App.
Was responsible of delivering the layouts for the general product website, that describes how the app works, has a separate section for companies to see the options of how to buy the product for their employees. Through the same website we have a Blog section and an entry point to our web app. I was responsible of providing the layouts for the web version of the application for all devices. 
Web App.
Online Marketing.-
Created the guidelines for a coherent and consistent communication through all our social media channels and blog. Working closely with the marketing department delivering templates and support. 

Design Team: 
Manuel Sack / Brodie Wilkinson / Magdalena Sapcovska
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HUMANOO Digital Health Coach

HUMANOO Digital Health Coach

Humanoo is a digital health management tool for companies that want to improve the quality of life and health of their employees.


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