Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

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  • Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary 
    Poster Series and Bird Guide.
  • I studied, reflected upon and absorbed the atmosphere here at the Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary. This was a personal graphic design project that I believe would benefit this Mass Audubon sanctuary, while advertising it’s very existence. This project is a series posters which (ideally) would be printed in large scale (2x3ft) and placed in local area schools and libraries. These posters are a collection of my own personal photographs that contain facts and educational information about the sanctuary. The photos were shot to be both intriguing and inviting.
    I also designed a bird guide for Allens Pond. I researched the many birds living at this Mass Audubon sanctuary. I decided to create a “map like" foldable pocket guide to accompany any traveler at Allens Pond. The guide is filled with history, bird watching tips, photos, scientific names and conservation statuses. The backside functions as a poster and can be kept for future visits to the sanctuary, instead of being discarded after one use.