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An Under Cover Weekend Video Series

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St. Louis loves cover songs. Put a hack Eddie Money imitator on a casino stage, and he'll get more squeals and fist bumps than Bieber. But what if the bands performing the covers were local? And what if they were actually good? What could they do with that kind of exposure?
That's what An Under Cover Weekend tries to answer for 10+ bands each year. The highly anticipated annual event showcases local bands as they play 30-minute hardcore tribute sets, immersing the audience in revelry and nostalgia. The not-so-hidden bonus is that concertgoers are so enamored with these bands that they end up attending their regular shows and exploring the local music scene - just as the founders had hoped.
In its sixth year, one of the event co-founders decided that he wanted to share the origins and behind-the-scenes stories with audiences through video as a way to promote the upcoming concert dates. Because of my reputation for digging deep during Q&As, he initially tapped me to simply interview him and his co-founder on camera, but because I'm an AUCW fan, I pushed the concept into overdrive and went into full producer mode. On limited time, I quickly assembled a team of crack cinematographers, audio engineers and production assistants while I prepared interviews with nearly 20 band members, photographers and others associated with the event. After an 11-hour shoot day at a local pinball joint, I helped select footage and photos for the final documentary-style videos while staying true to the AUCW brand. Videos? Multiple videos? Yep, I suggested that we cut five shorter topical videos instead of one long overarching video to keep viewer interest and provide an arsenal of content.
The five-part video series was released in daily installments during the week leading up to the festival. With calculated launches on the AUCW website and through social media channels, the videos have contributed to record-breaking hits and views and contributed to the event selling out both nights. We're already looking at ways to push this project even further next year with even more lead time and more resources. Hail, hail, rock and roll.
All five videos are included below, along with a few screenshots. Learn more at
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Part 1: The Beginning -
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Part 3: The Showmanship -
Part 4: The Community -
Part 5: The Experience -
An Under Cover Weekend Video Series

An Under Cover Weekend Video Series

Our five-part video documentary looks at the origins of St. Louis' acclaimed tribute showcase featuring local bands.


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