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对于这样的 “行活” 我们不求新·但求稳
1. 细节粗糙,与品牌市场定位有出入。
2. 明显女性化,不适合今后综合性发展。
3. 缺乏整体系统性,导致经销商运用混乱,影响品牌识别度。
4. 今后将开拓跨境国际市场,纯中文的形象会有局限性。
品牌核心定位语“呵护在身边”,表现商品私护功能属性理念。因此选用“朵”字为形象信息,结合花朵与盾牌的符号造型,表现核心功能理念。作为综合性品牌,服务呵护的已从个人转变成爱人、家人、亲友等等…… 标志五片花瓣,象征父母双亲、男女、孩子,呵护家人呵护身边的幸福。品牌由五个创始人携手创建,五瓣花朵也隐喻着五个伙伴携手并进的背景理念。进而达到视觉与理念的共同升级。
DUONVLANG brand remodeling.
For this "live" we do not seek new, but for stability
Well-known micro-mother brand, the development and operation of men, women and children under the protection of underwear. Its existing five series of goods: red, clear pants, powder pants, natural Tsui, wonderful gift.
2016 winter months, the team contacted me to discuss cooperation. Through communication to understand the brand background and its problems.
Products with a certain degree of private health care functions, fabric technology unique technology patents, at the same time have a sound development, planning, logistics, management system, making the brand development faster.
Brand the original image of the problem:
1. Details of the rough, and the brand market positioning discrepancies.
2. Obviously feminine, not suitable for comprehensive development in the future.
3. The lack of overall system, resulting in the use of chaos dealers, affecting brand recognition.
4. The future will open up cross-border international market, pure Chinese image will be limited.
So now need to reshape the mother brand image, the establishment of system specifications. Hope to control the design of the partners to operate and long-term cooperation.
For the customer's trust and expectations. There is pressure, how to do it?
Private health care itself is a new commodity attributes ... ... the brand in the market are groping ... ... the brand itself is the first category of cards ... ... so there is no direct precedent reference ... ...
After full communication to understand. Back to the brand itself to think, this is a comprehensive parent brand, its men and women for the different positioning of a number of sub-brands, and has a certain degree of market impression and reputation. Should be developed in the future to be an inclusive, refined, highly recognizable easy to spread symbol as a trademark. Abandon the form of the word before the word, to graphic form, so you can achieve the use of Chinese and English switch flexibility and communication.
Brand core positioning language "care in the side", the performance of goods privacy function attribute concept. So the choice of "Duo" for the image of information, combined with the symbol of flowers and shield modeling, the performance of the core concept of function. As a comprehensive brand, service care has been transformed from personal into love, family, friends and so on ... ... logo five petals, a symbol of parents parents, men and women, children, care of family care around the happiness. The brand is created by five founders, and five flowers are also metaphorical backgrounds of five partners working hand in hand. And then achieve the vision and the concept of a common upgrade.
Cooperation time near the end of the year, in time for the completion of the basic part of the annual meeting, the application published in the evening in the visual. VI system and paper media propaganda materials are being implemented, sort out part of the exchange.