Vail Celebrates 50 Years
Poster Contest Entry by Kris Jonson
Opening page of my 10 page PDF presentation.
Just a small brief so the client understands what I am going after. Since I can't literally show them how a UV Spot Varnish works, I had to make annotations on the designs.
This is the final, revised, polished concept that I was pushing for the most.
My attempt at a drip/icicle effect. Not a fan of this concept but I threw it in so they could see it.
The third version shows a lighter opacity on the logo mark for another variation of the design.
This concept shows the different "Stamp" logo in use.
Horizontal view, in case they wanted to see what a version would look like at this angle.
I put their design on a billboard to show how it would look in outdoor.
What kind of "poster design contest" would be complete without going outside of the rules a bit, you know, showcasing the graphics on a bus.
The wrap up to the presentation.