GISELE / 2017

Creative Director : Joongho Choi
Physicial Design Leader : Taeno Yoon
Category : Chair
Personal Work

We designed the chair with a motif of graceful and beautiful movement like that seen in a ballet. 
Various types of chairs, such as dining chairs, lounge chairs, two-person sofas, and bar chairs, reminiscent of the various movements of the ballet. 
At the same time, the reminiscence of shapes solves the structural coupling of the chair.
The GISELE is made of two pieces: arc-shaped fabric and an iron frame that surrounds the body.
It’s a chair which has options in appropriate colors and finishing in regard to the various space atmospheres and its functions.

최중호 스튜디오는 발레에서 보여지는 우아하고 아름다운 동작을 모티브로 하여 의자를 디자인하였다.
다이닝체어부터 라운지, 2인소파, 바체어 등 다양한 의자의 타입들이 발레의 다양한 동작들을 연상케하며 동시에 그 연상되는 형태들이 의자의 구조적인 결합방식을 해결해준다. 지젤은 몸을 감싸는 아크형태의 패브릭시트와 철제 프래임 두가지로 구성되어있으며,다양한 공간 분위기와 기능에 따라 적합한 칼라와 마감 선택이 가능한 의자이다
A description of the GISELE chair, in the French bistro restaurant, CHANOU, in Seoul, Korea.

There are four types of GISELE: dining chairs, two-person sofas, bar chairs, and lounge chairs, 
that can be used in various situations and spaces.

Dining Chair, Lounge Chair, Bar Chair
Photo shooting images of the collaboration with a Denim Brand SEVENTY STUDIO