• Brooks Pure Project
    Launch Kit
    Art Direction and Design
  • The PureProject line of minimal running shoes is a dramatic departure for Brooks Running. As such, it required an equally dramatic unveiling. Fashioned from bamboo, the kit embodies the sustainable ethos of the PureProject line. The laser-etched lid lifts off to reveal 2 brochures and 4 raindrop-shaped canisters with branded caps. The individual canisters may be removed and re-used in various ways. This kit is designed to be a keepsake, with no material going to waste.
    Two brochures fit within: the product booklet features exquisite photography from acclaimed fashion photographer Kenji Toma. It's accompanied by a tongue-in-cheek instruction manual for creative upcycling of the kit. A quirky cast of illustrated characters demonstrates various ways to re-use the elements. Agency: The Great Society