One of the most exciting stops during our road trip to SXSW was in Las Vegas at The Neon Museum, where we worked in their North Gallery to recreate & reanimate a section of their neon boneyard, an impressive collection of old signage.

We had a quick turnaround time of a little over 24 hours from scoping out the location and identifying a desired area, to recreating the signs and projection mapping our location. There's no electricity in this area, so our 3 projectors ran off a generator as we augmented this small handful of signs.
Once we decided on a section of the neon boneyard, we stitched together a flat photo composition in Photoshop which became our master template to then vectorize from.
Photography by Erin Conger
This rapidly created, experimental version of Light Capsules was the project's first jump from ghost signs to neon, made in collaboration with The Neon Museum.​​​​​​​
Huge thanks to the Adobe Creative Residency for making all of this possible.

Special thanks to the amazing Light Capsules Road Trip to SXSW team: 
Maggie Bignell Erin Conger + Brandon Jones.