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Four Ways to Save Time Using Lilyspeech
When looking for a voice to text application that meets all if not most of your writing needs, you can count on LilySpeech. The application which can be accessed on the computer and Smartphone is a great resource for writers that want to quickly dictate information and have it converted to text quickly. To help users in saving time, LilySpeech has made it easier for users to use their app as soon as they download it at https://lilyspeech.com.

Although LilySpeech has been designed to save time as part of adding value to users, here are some actions that you can adopt to ensure that you work with the application effectively.
1.    Dictate in paragraphs – If the information you want to covert to text is lengthy consider dictating per paragraph until you complete the document. You can choose to edit them as they get converted so that you do not have to go back to the beginning when you are through with dictation. Also, editing on the go is a great way to think of other ideas to add on to the writing project which in turn saves you time.

2.    Complete your sentences - When using LilySpeech, you might be tempted to stop dictating mid sentence to allow the application to complete converting the first part. However, this ends up taking a lot of time and hindering the application from understanding the context of the information being dictated to it. In addition, speaking in a natural pace and pronouncing words well makes it easier for the application to convert audio to text.
3.    Use punctuation commands - LilySpeech supports a variety of punctuation commands that you can use when dictating using their app. The commands ensure that the final writing work presented after using the application will be acceptable and have no grammatical mistakes as is common in other similar apps. The absence of proofreading when using the app makes it possible to save time in the long run.
4.    Personalize using custom words – When using LilySpeech it is common to find the words suggested not matching with your intended message. At such times, it advisable to replace it with a custom word so that it can be easily recognized next time, thus saving time during dictation.
In general, to get the best out of LilySpeech, browse through lilyspeech.com to understand the offers they have for customers looking for voice to text applications.