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    Illustrations of various situations i encountered some sleep some awake
Situations of various type and various treatment.
Some imaginary (by conscious or by dream),
others by real life experience.

All digital
All about 1m x 70cm (with variations)
Casual dive in drive
Space off wondering
Battle royal eye for an eye
From the bush I ambush
Where to?
Night at the park

Paranormal @ academy
Blank ticket ?
Can see that ! What for ?

A dream thing i think I will newer know...
Except from the left wall that is missing, and the doorknob is missing, it's a flat that exists in real life.

The nicest feel from a dream...
Such serenity everything in balance.
Sunrise, view and the peeps !!

Don't know if this exist somewhere. If you know the place contact me > !!!
Life's hard to explain.  A ...
For the reason for me to be megalomaniac that I do not understand...

Details >>
The original moon. mighty bush !!!

Virtual ZBEGNUM hoody > from the guy above
Color setup

Modern day Teuta
It's all there...


color setup

Eagle has fallen !!!    And the score was ...

In reality I have fallen on my back from there on my back.. not nice

This plant thing is from another dream.
It's like a teaser ting
In reality a blanket

That was a real life plan that failed. It was for the better ... i realize it later
A boat, a light, sos. I thought it was. Was not.
Later i realize the treas was probably made of cotton.
Van is there and so are We. VW
Peeps and dzeki the dog.
Colors of a candy > City
My man Perun
Myself and a potencial vistim