BGSU Office of Multicultural Affairs As a media specialist at the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) on BGSU campus, I create specialty flyers for various events that are hosted by OMA. Although I have creative freedom when coming up with the visual ideas, I have to fit my creativity into BGSU’s branding system. Univers font family is the required type and if that type is unavailable, Arial font family will be the required type. Colors are supposed to be Pantone, Pantone, and Pantone and tints can be used. The logo for that department should be in the bottom, right area and if there is more than one logo, they will be line up along the bottom of the flyer. At the very bottom should be these square/rectangle line pattern the bleeds off the bottom edge. The “U” logo must be at the top right area of the page and should have a single word that represents what the event is on the right side of it. These rules do have flexibility and may or may not apply depending on the event and/or department.