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An Album of Forgotten Memories
In January 2017 I was part of an open elective where we were supposed to explore our memories, create something to represent that memory in any form and dedicate it to people who would relate to it.

School friends being an important part of my journey and twelveth standard being a major and most memorable year of our life, I decided to revisit those memories and dedicate the project to all my school friends, batchmates and teachers.

Out of my love for craft and handmade models I made this scaled model of our twelveth standard classroom. The model is 98% handmade and made using  scrap materials.

This model is intended to act as a platform for everyone to revisit those good old days from school.

To take this project further, everyone’s experiences would be compiled as a blog to journey through even more memories. To contribute, please share your stories and memories from school at
(do mention name and city of your school)

Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm x 27cm
Materials(waste): Sunboard(Foam sheet), MDF, Wiremesh, Paper, Teak wood

Concept & Execution: Shashank Nimkar

Mentor: Nitesh Mohanty

Photography by: Aritra Roy Chowdhury and Nehal Mehta

My Heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed their time and effort for this project:
Aavriti Khushawa
Amrita Barua
Kunika Kharat
Mrudul Chulmulwar
Nitish Patil
Prajna Nayak
Pritam Kumar
Sindhura Ravindra
Souvik Bhattacharya
Sucharita Beniwal
Swayam Siddha
Syed Usman
-------------------- The Making Process --------------------
Share your stories and memories from school at
(do mention name and city of your school)
An Album of Forgotten Memories