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    Interior design of coffee house / bar. Nice warm maple veneer lighting, with everything packed in a cupboard.
Koffein, a take-away coffee bar inside of a gym in Reykjavik, Iceland. The bar was specially nice in the long dark winter due to the warm lighting in the front. It is situated in a space open 24/7, so the "shop" was packed in the back cupboards when closed. Other details: each panel of wood (Maple-veneer) was hand painted with espresso, and a different kind of coffee or blend then waxed with beeswax. A total of 16 different kinds of coffees were used to achieve his, and yours truly made every cup of espresso for the job (several hundred cups, I still have the list somewhere). Each cup was made on a single group Nuova Somonelli Tiffany Gold, an excellent espresso machine. Hands on work that really paid of.
Early morning and evening look.
Closeup of the cracked maple-veneer with backlight on.
Daylight, closed cupboards
The logo, as a speedie take away cup in top view.