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All the honey that comes from Biohof Rohrauer, has always been great. Now, presenting itself with a new corporate design, the brand looks as good as it tastes.

Biohof Rohrauer is a little farm, but a big player when it comes to delicious honey. The bosses Georg and Annemarie produce up to five tons a year. Although it’s actually the busy bees who produce it. And really: The whole Rohrauer family is involved, too. All of this – the family ties, the homy, the naturalness and of course the bees – shall finally find together in a corporate design, while not looking excessive. Oh, and that whets one’s appetite.


Customer: Biohof Rohrauer
Project Management: Verena Stockhammer, Michael Sammer
Creative Director: Volkmar Weiss
Graphic Design: Johanna Pötsch
Text: Sabrina Luttenberger
Photography: Julian Mullan, Raidt-Lager, 
Clemens Schneider, Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek