The Dog and the Whistle
A Children's Book
This little book project of mine started in my last year of high school in 2009 as an assignment to write a short children's book. I have always wanted to write stories and share them with the world and this was my chance to do just that. I dedicated a few months to write, illustrate and submit it to my school to receive my final mark. Fast forward to 2012. Since then, I have taken it a step further by creating a website for the book, as well as reworking it to be available as an ebook and soft cover book published by It is now complete and available for the world to read and enjoy.

Synopsis: The Dog and the Whistle follows Basil the dog on his journey to escape his 'horrible' mistake. He is accompanied along side the humorous cat, Mittens, who warns Basil to stray from the path he is currently on. His best friend, Edwin, will be the only one to save our friend.
Homepage features a "My Story" button which smoothly opens an about box. Providing a more interactive story element for the user.
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