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    Graphic design and illustration for Italian folklore festival and bird fair Sagra dei Osei 2012.
Illustrations and design for the 739th edition of Sagra dei Osei,
a folkloristic bird festival that takes place in the city of Sacile
(Italy) every year since 1273. The project was developed in
collaboration with Italian designer Claudio Gasparollo
who curated typography and layouts. 

Is possible to buy limited edition prints of the bird
illustrations at Atelier Olschinsky Art Store.

739° Sagra dei Osei, vertical poster, 70x100 cm.

The design consists in two main illustrations of a bird,
one for the vertical layouts and one for the horizontal ones.
The bird illustrations are developed digitally and they combine
different textures, bird pictures and photographs from the area.
739° Sagra dei Osei, horizontal poster, 200x140 cm.
                                                   739° Sagra dei Osei,  postcards,  10x15 cm.