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    This is an imaginary rebranding and advertising campaign of a chocolate called "Pöttyös" in Hungary which could be translated as "DOTs".
Chocolate bar filled with special curd – Advertising campaign
Pöttyös Túró Rudi (http://pottyos.hu/) is a very popular Hungarian chocolate. 

At the Edinburgh College of Art there was a rebranding task, so I decided to introduce "Túró Rudi" with a very simple name "DOTs", as the original package contains only dots. I think dots are very easy to identify, and so I highlighted this element by using only two main colors.
During the advertising champaign I wanted to refer visually to a Hungarian French artist, Victor Vasarely "whose work is generally seen as aligned with Op-art." 
(see below)
My advertising campaign is a sort of visual sequence which starts from the presentation and description of the product and finishes in a sort of minimalism by showing only a part of the product and after only dots and details. 
I think fun is a very powerful element in the visual communication. 
Thanks for watching me!