Auckland Pride Parade
Air New Zealand Float

For the past few years Air New Zealand have had a presence in the annual Auckland Pride Parade. This event celebrates diversity and inclusion, and has a different theme each year. For 2017, the theme was 'Carnival'. Our concept, titled 'Naturally Proud', was a Kiwi take on this theme, deriving inspiration from New Zealand nature and contemporary Maori culture. I was the design lead on the project, creating many of the graphic elements and working closely with everybody involved. We collaborated with fashion designer Kiri Nathan for the costumes, agency 'True' for the music, 3 international hip hop dancers for the performance, and V3 who created our float.

Lets begin by looking at the 2 female dancers costume designs.

I designed the float shape and graphics, and the artwork on the round panel that covered the sound system.
The float comes to life!
Below is fashion designer Kiri Nathan with our male dancer wearing the 'Warrior' costume.
Lastly, the t-shirt design that was printed onto 3 different coloured shirts for friends and family walking behind the float to wear.