Imagine RIT 2017 | Poster Design
The little parts make up the whole.

A festival poster for RIT’s 10th anniversary of Imagine RIT that targets RIT university-age and K-12 students.

RIT is made up of like-minded groups of people, and the annual Imagine RIT is an engaging event for everyone.
In order to exemplify the theme of “little parts making up a whole”, I determined that a good solution would be to give the campus depth through constructing an abstracted but recognisable version of the ins and out of RIT – its buildings and its community.
Inspiration – little habitats within 3D letterforms.

With the understanding that I would be creating a three-dimensional campus scene, I needed to plan out the composition such that the words “Imagine” would be readable, but also conducive to showcasing key characteristics of buildings.
Sketches – exploring how the word "IMAGINE" could be laid out, what buildings to incorporate, and a hint of Escher that didn't make it through to the final piece.
Constructing the letters wasn’t difficult – placing them meaningfully was.
Cinema4D renders of various explorations, from camera angle to colour.

Striking a balance in the contrast of the letters and background was key in being able to identify the graphics. I went from a duotone scheme to including the natural colours of building elements, conveying the colours of campus without overwhelming.

The final poster is simple in concept and composition, but is what I believe to be a successful conveyance of RIT’s campus spirit and of Imagine RIT’s playfulness.
Simple, fun, but not overwhelming – Imagine RIT.
The heart is in the details, capturing the spirit of RIT that reaches beyond our academic programmes.

Overall, I am happy with the direction the poster took. It hit on the unifying aspect of RIT and is overall cohesive in theme. The colours also successfully portray aspects of campus. I also approached the project very methodically, which helped me with completing all the elements in time.

Aside from being a fun and creative design project for an annual event, this poster was a good exercise in utilising a variety of tools and skills gained over the course of the New Media programme.
Ethelia Lung

Spring 2017

4 weeks
Imagine RIT 2017 | Poster Design

Imagine RIT 2017 | Poster Design