Hoffnung für alle – Bible / Logo & Brand Redesign
In early 2015, Swiss Christian Publisher Fontis (formerly Brunnen Verlag Basel) asked us to develop a new visual identity for Hoffnung für alle (Hope for All), one of the most successful modern German Bible translations (published in collaboration with Biblica – The International Bible Society). After 70 different editions over three decades the 2015 revision of the complete text was the perfect opportunity to create a logo and visual identity for the Hoffnung für alle translation for the first time. In addition, we designed the cover artwork for seven initial editions that were introduced at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2015 (with more different editions by other designers based on our new visual concept following later), a new website & content for new social media channels, Bible covers incl. packaging, and a number of online and print campaigns for various magazines, catalogs, online shops, bookstores and book fairs (Frankfurt & Leipzig).