Mood boards for experimental sound
Initial mood boards and style frames for a personal side-project in sound design, this will ultimately end up as a short animated piece once the audio track's been completed.

The goal is to create an ominous soundscape to underscore very little going on onscreen — the movement is slow, the scene is deserted, and outside of the dark, massive orbs suspended over the city, nothing looks alive except for rain and rising smoke.

I'll update with motion tests and sound.

The original frames are at 1920x1080 — click for larger view.
Created with Cinema 4d, After Effects, and Photoshop.

(Updated 09.08.012)
Soundtrack No.1
Version 1
Created in two parts, borrowing heavily from early eighties science fiction.
Total time is 06:16 / Part 2 begins at 03:52
Initial images, mood boards.
Round 1