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Teeth and Gum Problems Caused By Diabetes
There are a lot of health problems that can be caused by diabetes, and oral health is one of the major victims here. Teeth and gums can get affected due to high blood sugar. So, if you or someone you know is diabetic, teeth and gums should of primary concern here.
What are the teeth and gums problems that you should be aware of?
Diabetes can be disastrous for your mouth. However, it doesn’t really mean that a diabetic person has no choice other than waiting for the oral condition to take its toll. So, the your major or prior concern should be about getting proper knowhow about the issues that can affect your oral health in case you are diabetic.
Gum disease
One thing that can happen with diabetes is the reduction of blood flow to the gums. It can cause serious teeth and gum issues. The situation can be even worse if you already had this issue prior to being diagnosed with diabetes.

There are two main forms of gun disease; gingivitis and periodontitis. While gingivitis is not a serious issue, it can convert into periodontitis if you are suffering from diabetes. Since it is the infection we are talking about, diabetes can affect overall resistance of the body against infections. Hence, the gum infection at early stages can turn into chronic issues in diabetic persons.

One of the symptoms of gingivitis is that the gums start swelling, hurting and bleeding. So, if you are suffering from these symptoms, going for a dental checkup and treatment should be on your top priority.

If gingivitis is left untreated, it can convert into periodontitis which basically disrupts blood flow to the gums and bones that support gums. It can also cause bad breath and weakening of teeth due to loosening of grip by gums and jawbones.
Dry mouth
One of the chief symptoms that can appear in the mouth of a diabetic person is consistent dryness of mouth. Although, this issue itself is an irritation, but there are a number other serious health problems that follow this symptom.

The reason why a diabetic has to suffer dryness of mouth is that diabetes affects production of saliva. It can further make the teeth more vulnerable. Saliva is instrumental in washing away the plaque and tartar from mouth. So, the decreased saliva production allows the plaque and tartar to gather on to the teeth.

Dryness of lips and tongue are also caused by dryness of mouth. This entire scenario makes it very difficult to chew, making the food indigestible.

One of the common ways to fight mouth dryness is the use of fluoride. The fluoride rinse stimulates saliva production, allowing the diabetic patient to worry about one less thing.
Furthermore, if you face the problem of mouth dryness, it’s better to stay away from the use of caffeine, tobacco and alcohol.