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    A simple wall hanger
Hook is a wall hanger pointing to the simplicity in line not only aesthetic but also in implementation.
The feeling that the object wants to give a first glance is that of lightness, due to
reduced thickness of the material used and the absence of any junction elements and extraneous complexes.
The original idea that distinguishes the concept is to take full advantage of the material and minimize the waste during the production: as regards the production process in fact, the intention is to start from a metal sheet,on which will be performed a series of incisions and subsequently a series of folds to get the hooks to hang clothes.
Even the installation aims to be minimal: there are concavities in the sheet to hang on the wall with pins as simple nails or screws.
It has been opted for a varied and attractive range of colors, using vivid and glossy colorsto give the idea of a dynamic design and not formal.