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Ampathy : Speaker for everyone
Industrial Design

The vibration speaker for the cultural communications of hearing impaired people

People who have auditory disorders were isolated from communications with others.
They were excluded from social cultural activities such as listening to music or watching a movie.
They cannot hear sounds, but they are very sensitive to vibrations.
Ampathy is a vibration speaker both for deaf people and common people.


AMPlifier + emPATHY

Ampathy is a compound word for 'AMPlifier' and 'emPATHY'. 
The speaker substitutes sound into solid vibration, and amplifies the listener's emotions with it.
Ampathy can produce sound and vibration together, so deaf people can communicate culturally
by enjoying music or movie together with their friends and families.

Shape Inspiration

Ampathy’s form is inspired by the motion of hugging and listening to the heartbeat, and designed to a speaker of a cuddlable form.
The surface is made with fabric material for soft sensation, and with the interaction which is inspired by the wave of water,
the users can control the upper touch panel intuitionally.

Hug & Cushion

The act of cuddle which can feel vibration well
and the cushion form which fits most with it became a motive for the design.


Many people can use it together in and outside of the house by moving it with a leather handle.

Wireless Charger Tray

Handy battery recharge is possible with the wireless recharge coil inside the tray.
The users can establish a wireless user environment when the speaker is set on the tray.
The speaker does not vibrate when it is on the tray for falling issues.

Inside Structure

Upper, lower register speakers and a vibration module is installed in the speaker
for three-dimensional vibration experience and wireless rechargeable device is installed
for easy battery recharge when the device is on the cradle.

Intuitive Interaction

Visual interactions with the shape of tidal wave helps hearing-impaired people
to recognize the operational status of the object for convenient using experience.

Ampathy : Speaker for everyone

Ampathy : Speaker for everyone

Ampathy is the vibration speaker for the cultural communications of hearing impaired people