Alveo lamp
Simple design to give the light a new life
The light is able to create a kind of alchemy between the physical elements and the human feelings, between the tangible and the intangible. the idea that light is immaterial led to this project, making sure that you have a visual perception of a lightweight. Thanks to simple elements wedged together, the lamp takes shape in its absolute purity. These elements are made ​​of PMMA and laser cut, whereas the right tolerances for an optimal interlocking. Since is the user to fit the components is also improved product distribution and storage by industries. In addition, the lamps can be very cheap. There are three versions of lamps: pendant, wall and floor.

Collaboration with: Emmanuel Zonta
The lamps can have a lot of different colors and/or different sizes, in order to create dynamic interiors.
Some technical drawings with main dimensions about the pendant lamp
Floor version
Wall version
Model study of the joints and proportions
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