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    A series of evocative, viceral brand photographs were produced to promote and add depth to the Monteith's brand story.
Monteith's Brewing Co.
Varietal Wordmark Photography
A whole new range of brand photography was created to provide material for telling a wider brand story. This was used on packaging as well as marketing and promotional items. Each beer varietal had its own wordmark created in a unique way, visually formed from the New Zealand environment or found within it. The idea being that each image evokes a sense of place and time an occasion and a connection to the land. Building on the pioneering West Coast heritage.

The use of this imagery on the 12-packs was category breaking in that it ignored traditional beer packaging practices, such as the glossy, highly spritzed product shot.
Project completed at Designworks
Creative Director: Jef Wong 
Concept development: Mike Collinge / Tana Mitchell / Michelle Dowd
Art Direction: Mike Collinge
Photography: Blackbox 
Post Production: Slice