Clip - Time is Gone
Multiple Owners
Fisrt clip I did from is very beginning to the end with "Diplugt" band. They wanted to make something ironic compared to the lyrics.

Music © Diplugt
Video editing - Motion Design © Bastien Thomas
Film Shooting crew - Joël Penaguilla, Mathieu Penaguilla, Virgile Capello
Installing the green screen at Studio Decanis - Marseille
Film shooting with two canon eos (550d ans M) with two different lenses 50mm and 70-200mm. The long shot was taken with a Sony camera.
Creation Step by Step. First I had to make the keying on each scene selected in the final editing that I did in Final Cut Pro. Then I had to proceed to the comic effect with a script I ran in photoshop. Then I just had to edit each page layout as a comic page in After effect. I keep the width of the video 1920 then I extended the heigh. The page layout bellow wasn't the latest I did there are only the test. Then I animated with a nul object and a camera in After effect.
Clip - Time is Gone
Multiple Owners