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Saving Money By Opting For Flat Rate Movers Or Hourly Movers
A moving company gives two basic choices. There can be movers who are charging by the hour while there were others who charge a flat rate. You need to look at the features of each in order to know where you can save money.

A lump sum may typically sound like a rip-off. In case you are paying hourly, it means a lot of stress for you as you keep a watch on the clock all the time. This can be really bad especially when your truck gets stuck in traffic.

There are lots of things to be considered here to know what makes better economic sense. But two main things here will be the size of your current home as well as the distance that you would be traveling. You can weigh each option in order to decide which one will be the right one for you. Besides, there are some measures that you can take in order to keep your costs low in either of these cases.
Hourly movers are a better option in case you are relocating in the same town or even within the same apartment building. Here is a local move and therefore the hourly option is better. Besides, you would require lesser shipping supplies too. The hourly rate will typically range from $100 to $150 in case you ask for two or three movers. This will typically start with a minimum of three hours. You will have to add an hour for travel. Usually, a two-bedroom apartment takes around three to four hours to move while a three-bedroom house will require seven or eight hours to move.

In case you are still worried about your moving costs going out of control, you may ask the moving company to cap the cost. This way it will not go beyond a certain amount even in the case of the time spilling over.
A flat rate is a number that will be determined after there has been an in-home or even a virtual assessment of your space along with the amount and type of furniture that you own. Typically this is the right choice in case you are moving a larger distance, like across several states. Such a move will contain more unknowns. There are higher chances of your moving truck getting stuck in gridlock traffic, and an hourly rate can get really expensive.

But always check out what all costs are included in your flat rate move. Sometimes there may be unexpected fees for things such as moving furniture up the stairs. There may be charges on transporting specialty items that may include a pool table, piano, or such other bulky exercise equipment like a treadmill. There may be charges for shipping supplies that may not be included in the flat rate.
To avoid getting fooled by hidden fees, it is best to get an in-home estimate done of your move. This way the movers see what they have to move and hence they quote their rate accordingly.

Do ask if there will be any extra fees for certain services such as unpacking or disassembling of furniture. Get all details in order to avoid surprise charges later on. Also, ask if there would be special charges for moving special types of furniture and so on.