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    SOUNDSHIELD by UNIT 1 : Helmet and Headphones combined
I've skied with music since forever. Tried out all the options out there, experienced first hand all the flawed interfaces and comfort problems. And even the best solutions were still confined to the helmet. After riding, they were obsolete.

I funded UNIT 1 to create innovative products and improve user experiences in the action sports industry. This was the first problem we set out to solve and SOUNDSHIELD is the solution we came up with: Helmet and Headphones combined, that work together as well as apart. A+B, simple as that.
The docking system was paramount (and the single most complex element in the product). We needed the headphones to be held firmly in place while riding but easily detached when needed. We designed an 8 anchor point system with a quick release tab that works flawlessly.
The Interface was a big thing to solve as well. You obviously can’t look at the headphones while using them, and if you’re on the mountain, gloves make buttons a nightmare. Its also the big thing that no solution today really gets done right.
So we made our headphones a total breeze with single button interface and dial volume control. Glove proof, fool proof.
A built in mic allows you to take calls while on the slopes or skate park. One tap will take the call, another tap will end it and resume your tunes.
The helmet can also be used without headphones - Looks sick, too.
Final Week for our  Indiegogo Campaign > HERE
There you'll see our campaign video..absolutely everything is explained there.

I'd appreciate it if you shared this with anyone who skis, snowboards, skates, you name it!