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Angel Disintegration
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This was my first time working with particles in a program outside of Houdini. I wanted to familiarize myself with other program
workflows using particles. For this project, I used the statue model as a particle emitter, and had the emission driven by the
pattern shown below. I had to create a separate UV set on the statue for the particle emission pattern so that it moved evenly
down the statue. Once I had the particles emitting down the statue in a line, I created a trubulence field and refined the attributes until I achieved the physics I wanted. After locking in the dynamic values, I increased the particle count and changed the particles from points to spheres. I then cached out the particles to help rendering later. 

Model courtesy of the Stanford University Computer Graphics Laboratory.
The shaders are made up of texture maps as well as my OSL from a previous project, which is driven by noise and affects the presence. The first pattern drove the emission and the second pattern drove the presence of the statue.
Angel Disintegration