Google Data Center Mural Project
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    Google Data Center Mural Project
I was commissioned by Google to create an image for their data center in Council Bluffs, Iowa. I'm an Iowa native and I love to tell stories. "Council Bluffs became a critical point of westward expansion following Lewis & Clark. Within 70 years, America was joined wast to west, through Council Bluffs by a rail system and the telegraph and made Council Bluffs an enduring anchor of the sharing of the information. It was the data center of 120 years ago. It was a very intriguing connection to the data that today passes though Council Bluffs."
Working on the prints
Original Monoprints 
" I want there to be a continuum, a narrative, that tracks the history of people disseminating, collecting, sharing data. Starting with Lewis & Clark and their council with the native people, the Otoe tribe. They were sharing information and then moving to similar people working in the data center today. And in between we have these elements that will remind the residents of the region of their importance in all of this, of them. "
"It's about the people and history and making it all reflect what happens on that site."
Story behind the mural
transfer the monoprint onto a wall
Me in my studio