The Nature Army - INFANTRY
EB met LETAZ in 2011.
We worked together in a adv agency for one year.
Before 2011 we worked in different agencies, as graphic designers.
At home we have always been illustrators and made fine arts.
We published some works on some papers and had some satisfactions in this hard biz.
After some trouble with clients requests, we understood that in Italy it's almost impossible to do interesting and cool graphics for adv/branding.
Clients are always sure that they can do our job.
Big clients are worst.

2012. The dive.
We want to change our life and our careers.
To stay in a medium agency for 9 hours a day doesn't help to give us some chances and to let our names get out.
We want paint. We want to be illustrators.
We know it's hard but it's not impossible.
And now we do it. Full time. Full satisfied.

We hadn't difficult to find a name to sign our works.

E B L T Z 

This is the second paint of a series, the second work we have done together.

We want to explore the concept of a Nature Army, composed by some war creatures.
A mix between engines and animals.
Navy, infantry, aviation.
This is our RINOCERONTE (in english it's just RHINO).

Digital illustration.

We started from the digital drawing, we divide our work: LTZ did the engine, EB the rhino.
Here some screenshot of the work process.

We used a light projector to report the different colour layers on the panel.
We choose the 4mm size to have a big panel but not heavy.
Here some pictures of the working process.
The finished piece.

Here we are!
Let's take a look at the completed painting and some details.
We hope you enjoyed our work and keep follow us to see our next step!
Thank you!

R I N O C E R O N T E 
August/September 2012
Acrylic paint, enamel, ink, on MDF panel.
130 x 80 x 0,4
On sale / Turin (ITA)