Hannes Group
Hannes Group is an Ukrainian-German company producing instant coffee.
We created ROMIANI - a new instant coffee product line, based on thorough analysis and research of coffee, its assortment and other manufacturers' marketing.

Our goal was to create the image and common style for both the Hannes company and ROMIANI coffee. 
After analyzing colors and shapes, we created logos with our own fonts and key colors. 
We also created the rules for their usage in typography and in web media.

Adaptive Website Creation and Prototyping

Another important goal was to develop an info website with its own authentic graphics, 
which is an integral part of the trademark. 
It was important for us to make it as user-friendly as possible, 
but also easily adaptable to different display resolutions, 
taking into account their matrix features (TFT, IPS, Retina).

​​​​​​​The main resellers of the coffee line are commercial establishments for whom we created promotional materials (POS). 
Here are several of them:  business cards, PDF/PPT presentations, Informational booklets etc.

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