" At the very start of every thing in our lives, we seem strangely open to whatever we encounter. We get a momentary feeling of strength, of happiness that will last to the end. So do the revolution."

The Expressive Stream  
 Acrylic on paper - Visual diary 2012
Dubai, human lights and shadows.
Those who screamed out together their fears and hopes at once, held their hands and faced death and what ever might comes, those are the ENLIGHTENED. July 23rd, 2012.
Our lives might aimlessly be scattering us, yet lucky are those who can see the full image.
WE BELONG TOGETHER. July 30th, 2012.

Darayya (Damascus suburb), humanity massacred.
August 28th, 2012

To May. August 30th, 2012

Special thanks to Martina Dresler