Branding for an EDM Festival

This spring we were asked to create the logo and visual identity for a festival in Vigevano.
The lineup was made up of rappers and DJs, with the Crookers as headlining act, and this is what we came up with.

Logo design

The basic concept behind the festival was that it had to be a "safe zone" where people could go spend some time far from the desolation of the city during the summer, with friends and good music.
We thought that the logo should be something that would help everyone inside the festival area to identify as part of a big family, like a lost island tribe; after some research we decided that a tribal mask would be an interesting choice. Based on a large number of sketches, we synthesized the basic vector image of the final logo, which was completed using a procedural dirty brush, to give it a gritty feeling.



Once the logo was done, we had to work on the rest of the identity, starting with the flyer. The last thing missing was the imaginary home island for our fictional tribe. We designed a nonexistent island, matching our feelings about how it should look, and chose a warm and over-exposed color correction, making it seem like the subject of an old 80's postcard; we also added a rowboat prow on the bottom, because we wanted people to feel as if they were arriving at some new place, escaping from somewhere else.



Based on the flyer layout, we realized a website which is a clickable version of the printed flyer; every word on the homepage is an external link to the most useful related website (for example, artist webpages or directions to the festival location). We decided to play the video teaser by default when the webpage would load, since we expected users to not visit the site more than once. Link:


Teaser Video

The teaser video was conceived as an expansion of the concept we came up with around the logo. We wanted to retrace the arrival of a tribesman on the imaginary island.


Backstage realization

To shoot the video, we built a DSLR mount based on a helmet; this allowed us to shoot the whole video from a first person point of view. We also built the mask using wooden-sheets-covered forex.