On 2010 Christmass, at OgilvyOne Athens, we decided that no wish should get wasted. So we created on behalf of Nestlé Infant Nutrition "The Blue Bear and the Star of Wishes."
Those who visited the microsite http://stars.nestleclosetoyou.gr/, were transported to the world of Blue Christmas Bear and were asked to write their own wish. With one click, the wish was transformed into a star and went sent high in the sky!
The stars gathered every day, not only illuminate the site of the Blue Bear, but also the lives of children at risk of serious illness. Because for every star that rises in the sky, Nestlé gave € 2 in the non-profit organization Μake-A-Wish ® (Make A EfchiSM Greece)

you can see all the flash animations of the progress to sent your wish, fly with the blue bear in the sky to see all the wishes, and the illustrations in a bigger scale, here