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    Selective Photography
Film and Digital Photography
Camera always inspired me, and it did even more when my dad told me that my grandfather use to always carry a camera with him. At various times, my grandfather would take photographs of people he found on the street randomly and then would search for that person later on to give him or her the photograph as a gift.

I later found out that my grandfather also had a red room on the 3rd floor of his house where he would develop and enlarge the photographs himself.

This is Mid sixties in Karachi Pakistan we are talking about....

I bought my first camera in 1998, it was an Olympus IS3000, the camera that had a matching attitude with its result - MEAN.
My second camera was a Nikon Fe10.

Then I started using Canon EOS 400D
and now I borrow Canon 5DmarkII from my brother occasionally.

Here are some of the photos I have taken over a period of 13 years.