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    Branding & deliverables for a molecular gastronomy restaurant, called 'The Periodic Table'
We aim to bring an exciting & memorable fine dining experience for food intellectuals & culinarians, using the discipline of molecular cuisine. Molecular gastronomy is a subdiscipline of food science that seeks to investigate the physical & chemical transformations of ingredients that occur in cooking.The restaurant would celebrate the submergence of science and food - one of which is a necessity for life, whilst the other the necessity for exploring life.  
The Periodic Table was chosen as the restaurant's name, as it defines the essence of molecular cuisine, which is to use scientific techniques to invent food, & in some ways bring it to its most basic form. As an extension, the logomark illustrates the universal structure of a single chemical element from the periodic table, where specific lines represent the name of the element, symbol, atomic number & atomic mass.
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