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When it comes to train information apps there are plenty of them available on Google Play store or iOS App store. However, 9 out of 10 apps have such complicated user interface that it becomes a real pain to find information out of those apps. On top of that, these apps are equipped to handle each and every request for information regarding the trains that a user might need for his travel. This is where the intuitive app Railgadi proves to be a champion. 
Menu options are easy to understand
To begin with, the interface of the app is very simple and uncomplicated. Once the app loads, the user gets a simple menu that has the following options.
•    Train – gives options to search for passenger, express and special trains along with time table of trains as per user’s choice. This field also lets the user know about the rescheduling, Diversion, or cancellation of trains.
•    Live – this is the section that offers the live train running information to the user. This section allows the user to know about live train, live stations and track a particular train on the map as well. 
•    Seat Availability/fare – this section allows the user to check the seat availability in a particular train and enquire for the fare as well. 
•    IRCTC login – this quick lick allows the user to open IRCTC’s mobile version site easily without having to type the URL all over again. 
•    Offline features – The best thing about this section is that this is a GPS based feature and hence does not require any internet connection for its operation. Using the offline features, the user can track the train with GPS, can get information about nearby stations, set station alarms, check the speed of the train in which he is travelling, get an idea of the seat with the seat berth calculator and lastly check the coach layout using the seat map feature. 
•    NTES in mobile view – This section allows the user to access NTES (National Train Enquiry System) from the mobile directly without needing to install the NTES app or visit the mobile version of the website. 

Other features
The PNR status that you get to see in the Railgadi app is colour coded. This means that you will not have to waste any time looking for the PNR status in the text. Mere looking at the colour will tell you whether your PNR is confirmed, or it is still at Waiting list of RAC. The colour combination is as follows
•    For confirmed tickets the PNR colour code would be green
•    For tickets whose status is RAC, the colour code would be yellow
•    For tickets whose status is WL, the colour would be red
•    The tickets whose PNR status is cancelled, the colour would be gray
The PNR can be added to the app by means of voice input. The PNR also gets automatically read by the app from the PNR SMS that gets sent to the user when the ticket gets booked
The app also provides dedicated sections where the user can contact the railway police and get important phone numbers of railway offices and much more.