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    Some of my previous web design projects (2013-2016)
Last 2 years i am mainly recognized by working with restaurants and everything connected with food. But my other passion is web design. I am contracted as web designer frequently, but never have a chance to control it as my own project.

Here are some projects that turned out good :)

First one is a design for travel agency 1travel, Riga, Latvia.

Second project is Fotofox (germany-based printing company). As you see - I've used a lot of personal photos there, so you can sense the level of commitment :)

The third project that I like is Todes (Moscow, Russia) - in real life it does look a bit different now, but you can see how it was supposed to be :)

Some projects remain just the design. 
This is one of them - Top and Mod (Moscow, Russia)

Sometimes the project is so cool, you can't believe you finally can play with colors, shapes and etc, but you don't have a possibility to finish it :( Like with Chinese ad agency Yeazt

Sometimes you hope that some projects could open a door for you to a certain desirable market, but it still remains one of a kind, like Explod.

And sometimes you just do what you have to do, but trying to be as good as possible :)

If you would like to hire me for web design projects - contact me through Behance 
or my portfolio www.sergiolaskin.com

Thank you!