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    My Design for the 2012 Bordo Bello Skate board Art charity event
DEATH BY DISCOMy skate deck submission for this years Bordo Bello charity event

 I was profoundly shaken by the image of the twins putting up the picture of Walter at the beginning of "Breaking Bad" season 3. I had only known of "Santisma Muerte" from the half whispers of my Mexican metalhead friends and sketchy websites. There were rumors of this death headed saint who guarded and protected thieves and drug dealers , a grim reaper who carried the world in the palm of her hand. She carried an hour to remind us that death is but a new beginning. I took the rumors and the image of this underground saint and made her the dark goddess of a dying dance scene. This dark disco diva protects and looks after the Dj's who still spin vinyl, she embraces the music makers who weave stories with their music, and smites those satanic purveyors of corporate sound and homogenous dreck.