Backgrund is a swedish store selling everything for addventure. Jackets, climbing gear, boots, shoes, sleeping bags, you name it... and (tents) of course. Recently a freind contacted med on Facebook. "People are complaing about addnatures logo, it's horrible. You should step up". I was a bit sceptical, sitting in the sunshine at Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm, on a day of. "Work? Today?" Sadly, or fortuneatly, I just can't stop getting ideas... That's why I always carry a drawing pad. So i started thinking while sketching. "I could publish it on Behance and send them the link. Yes! "I just hope they'll like it and that they'll feel the connection to the old identity..."
The idea is a logo, wich compared to their old one, communicates their great online web shop, level of service, quality of brands and what typ of products they sell. The brands are; Peak Performance, Haglöfs, Black Diamond, The North face and many more. It should, of course, be visually competitive to the other swedish adventure and sport stores such as; Naturkompaniet, Stadium, Intersport, Alwalds and others. It should place them on top of the bunch, in all fields.
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