Bishop Dunne Presents: The Greatest Homecoming On Earth
Bishop Dunne Proudly Presents: The Greatest Homecoming on Earth
It's my old high school!
Hey, yo. Recently, I was hired to design the tees for the homecoming at my very own ole high school, Bishop Dunne High, in Dallas, TX. The theme this year was “circus” as the event was aptly titled “Bishop Dunne Presents: The Greatest Homecoming on Earth”. Just like the previous tee I did for a high school, I set out to design a tee that the students wouldn’t mind wearing outside of school. Initially, I had came up with two ideas: one being a mainly text-based (and admittedly boring) design; the other being a tribute to old-school circus posters, which is the one I chose.
I decided to go with a more detailed/realistic approach this time around, which is something that is new for me. I want to try something different and I’m happy with how it came out. I had to limit the design to three colors to minimize the overall printing cost. I also mocked up four different versions of the tee: two different tee colors and two different design placements.
 The penned sketch:
 Finished design:
 Here are some various mocks: