So there he is. Pulp-action hero in a world, that Indiana Jones could have troubles to fit in.
He's known simply as Jimmy. He used to be a special agent behind the enemy lines. But after his own country betrayed him, he became apolitical spy-for-hire. 
Concept art ready for 3D sculpting. I have to make this jacket for myself one day :] Dieselpunk Jimmy is based on real historical figure... But I'll keep it for future. Maybe.
Here's set of basic characters from first episode. 
Danny-boy - Jimmys partner in crime and great pilot. He doesn't like to fight and always seeks for peaceful solution. If he could only knew, that the war is coming...
Angela - italian beauty. Allies contact in South Europe. She know to much, but she can handle it. Until she's gonna meet Jimmy...
Rudolf Hess - Important figure in 3rd Reich. Fuhrers right hand and dearest friend. Jimmys first objective.
Obersturmfuhrer Miller - nazi spy hunter. After encounter with Jimmy he lost his hand. But advanced german technology can do miracles.
And first try to design vehicle in vintage style. Just to feel the decade:]

Maybe in future I'll get back to the drawing board and with the help of some visioneers we will make this game happen!