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    OVERVIEW: The Board of Energy Sector Training (BEST) is a Saudi Aramco led initiative in collaboration with TVTC and major energy companies to es… Read More
    OVERVIEW: The Board of Energy Sector Training (BEST) is a Saudi Aramco led initiative in collaboration with TVTC and major energy companies to establish an energy sector training Board at the national level. I perceive BEST as a holding body, an initiative that holds different energy sector training institutions together. BEST provides direction and support hence it can be positioned as a ‘Source’ brand that not only nurtures development but also serves as the single platform for collaboration and coordination among the energy sector stakeholders to achieve alignment of strategies and priority setting for the energy sector. In the light of this strategic vision, I have proposed brand names, logo design and brand identity for BEST. BRAND PROMISE (WHAT DO WE OFFER?) To the nation - Skilled and professional Saudi workforce in the energy sector To energy sector training institutes - Support and facilitation of partnerships and sponsorships - Vision and direction to lead as the specialized training institute in the energy sector To young Saudis - Know-how and skills in energy sector - Excellence through specialized institutes - Career growth and sustainability through certification and technical qualification To Stakeholders - Skilled Saudi workforce for energy sector BRAND POSITIONING: THE SOURCE The Source is looked upon as the all-knowing provider of knowledge. He encourages the pursuit of knowledge and expertise. He has a high level of intelligence and is looked to for advice and opinions. sayings a source might live by: We owe it to ourselves to find the truth Knowledge is power champions values such as: Truth, Knowledge, Expertise, Intelligence, Rigor, Diligence, Objectivity, Commitment, Depth, Education, Discipline, Clarity. for brands that: are looked upon for trusted advice, knowledge, or specialized expertise BRAND PERSONA: LEADER INTELLIGENT SAUDI VISIONARY EXPERT FACILITATOR COMMITTED OBJECTIVE Read Less
Circles are very symbolic. As an inspiration for this logo concept, the circle is symbolic of the sun in its limitless aspect. It represents totality, wholeness, perfection and implies an idea of movement. The circle expresses the cycle of value: Oil and natural resources creating opportunities for young Saudis through ESTB - and they, in turn, contributing to the businesses in the energy sector - which in turn support the mission and vision of ESTB to build national human capital... and they cycle goes on.  

The main graphic elements for this logo design are the “Dots/Circles” that symbolize Saudi people (inspired by the “ghetra”). They also stand for diversity as represented by the many different training institutions under the Board. 

The typography for the brand name has been specially created to give a bold look.
The English and Arabic fonts are upright and elegant to communicate the knowledge quotient. 
“Excellence in Energy Training” is emphatically conveyed through the brand name (BEST) and the logo design. In light of its role similar to that of a ‘holding initiative’ brand, the logo endeavors to portray stature and authority as a standard bearer. Each of the dots contain the energy which converge and convert into a swoosh, all of them moving around the ‘T’ that represents “Training” in the logotype. 

The brand mark, together with the title, form the full identity. Positioned centrally to each other, the logo attains a refined elegance through its subtle use of color and gradation.

Client: Board of Energy Sector Training (BEST)
Credits: Jose & Ratheesh
Special Credit: Charles Miraj
Agency: Miraj Graphics 

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