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The Benefits of a Multilingual Website
While recent evidence has shown that around 35% of internet users have English as a first or second language, there is no denying that the web has a worldwide reach, so it comes as no surprise to learn that if you solely focus your content on English speakers, you will only be catering to around a third of your potential customers. Increasing numbers of online businesses have therefore now realised the benefits of providing a multilingual website which targets the major worldwide languages. So, just what are the advantages of providing content in several languages?

Reach Your Target Markets

Providing content in more than one language will help you to effectively reach a wide scope of target markets. Internet users are much more likely to visit your website and view your content if they can understand it - remember that potential customers who are non-English speaking will tend to avoid sites that only have English content as they cannot obtain the information that they require. 

Cost-Effective Marketing

Translating the content of your site into multiple languages is inexpensive and represents a cost-effective way to expand your company's reach. Without spending a large amount of money, you can get your message to a much wider target audience all over the globe. 

Higher Conversion Rates

More visitors to your site will automatically translate into a higher conversion rate of paying customers. Every customer wants to feel like they matter to a business, so if visitors to your site discover that your company has taken the time to consider their language requirements and needs, they are much more likely to make a purchase. 

Developing Customer Loyalty

A large part of success in business is building up trust with your customers. Potential clients are much less likely to consider doing business with a company who only provides content in a language that is foreign to them as they may not fully understand key information such as terms and conditions. Your customers are much more likely to trust in your company if all of the essential facts are clearly presented in a language that they can understand. 

Beat the Competition

Thanks to the internet, the world of business today has become highly competitive, with countless companies jostling in the online marketplace and vying to attract the attention of potential customers. One way to stay ahead of the crowd is to provide multilingual content. Remember that online searches in this day and age are localised, and therefore if your potential customers are searching using local terms, your site will show up higher on the Google search rankings than the competition, making it much more likely that you will attract their business. 

Create the Right Impression

A multilingual website will make your company appear to be a global contender in the online marketplace. Businesses that offer content in several languages are much more likely to be taken seriously and to create the right impression as a professional and high quality company than one that only provides content in a single language. 

Harness the Power of International Search Engines

In certain countries like China, Japan and France, the default search engine is none of the major 3 - Bing, Yahoo! or Google. By providing multilingual content, you can tap into the power of these international search engines and expose your product to a wider market.

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